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Inside, Innovating Training Settings for the Self-development Of Emerging artists



The Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop, held on 10 June 2021, consisted in a meeting between a professional in the sector and a group of young students.
The meeting focused on explaining the various bureaucratic, administrative, production and promotion steps to go through to create a mural or any other type of cultural work related to street art.
The entrepreneur explained the modus operandi and the various production steps that precede the creation of a work of street art, starting from the agreement with the artist, continuing with the choice of the concept, relations with the public administration, request for permits regarding landscape constraints to the superintendency that controls them.


Principles of Street Art held on 18 September 2021, was based on the creation of an art workshop aimed at teaching the basics of painting on canvas to two groups formed by young and old, exploiting art as a creative key capable of destroying age stereotypes by activating a link between generations who are different by age.
The Workshop was conducted by a professional artist who first explained to the two groups the theoretical bases useful for fully understanding the proposed art form, and then moved on to the practical phase of the project, which involved participation in 8 paintings on canvas by all participants.
The workshop allowed young and old to come together and experiment a common activity in a creative way, sharing an interactive experience by forming a group and activating that important process called solidarity between generations.


How to create wall murals through a series of meetings held between February and March 2022, was designed to allow highscool students to approach the art of “street painting”, focusing on the artistic movement of Mural, with the ultimate goal to paint a common visual idea on the highschool’s wall.
This workshop was held by Loste, an italian renowned street artist who explained the various phases that precede the moment of the creation of the work. The students decided to dedicate the mural to a school friend of theirs who died prematurely due to a car accident, a traumatic experience that left a deep mark on them.
The creative workshop saw all the students involved in the practical realization of the drawing. The initiative was received in a totally positive way by both students and all school staff, enthusiastic about being able to experience didactic and educational moments through interactive and innovative methodologies.


Painting on Canvas held on July 2022 was created with the aim of teaching the basics of painting on canvas. The Project was led by Monica Vitellaro, an artist from Palermo and took place at the Piccolo Parco Urbano in the Serradifalco retirement home. A simple landscape painting was chosen as the subject to work on, which the participants were able to observe through the sample on canvas made by the artist. The main intent of the artist was to entertain the elderly. In fact, when a project of this type is carried out, the technique takes a back seat. The important thing is to become familiar with the person in front of you, make them feel at ease and put them in a position to have fun. The intent was fully achieved during the workshop, transforming it into two hours of pure fun and carefree for the group of seniors who participated.